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There was a time when everyone in the world viewed the web through a monitor on their desktop, but times have changed. Today people are accessing the internet through various other devices ….. tablets ….. smartphones. What that means is that your website has to be specialized designed to look good on all these different types of screens and that in turn means expensive data plans.

Responsive web design makes certain that your site is clean, clear, and usable no matter what device is being used. This means that looking you up on their phone can, without frustration, clearly see your web page without having to squint, swipe, or squeeze the screen.

This responsive conversion has to happen automatically and immediately.  A website that has a dozen different web pages can be cumbersome, and may often be poorly designed. We can help you make your websites responsive without sacrificing performance, design or service while gaining potential clients for your business and removing all barriers to conversion.


The bottom line – in order to draw attention to your company, you need to be on the first page of google. How do you get there? You allow us to optimize your web pages so they will be naturally (organically) and prominently displayed.


Media marketing is an umbrella term for a wide variety of web-based platforms. These platforms allow people to form informal communities, share information, and forge new relationships. Popular examples of social media are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These also include other websites associated with your profession. Popular outlets include News, Zoc Doc, and Yelp.

Obviously, the focus of social media is on the ‘social’ aspect of communication. Other communities are formed around these outbound sites, and interests and ideas are informally shared.

This community aspect makes all media both incredibly powerful and necessary for online marketing. By creating, joining and participating in social media communities, you are directly connected to interested, motivated people who can be either potential customers or advocates for your brand.

There are rules to media, and violating them upsets people. But if you know the rules and know how to approach these communities and platforms intelligently, you can achieve amazing results in your marketing and branding efforts while establishing yourself as an expert on the subject and the center of your niche or market slice – a powerful position to be in, if you can achieve it. Web Team Management can help you achieve this goal.


Paying for keywords, otherwise known as “pay per click” or PPC, is an advertising channel that can be very effective. Basically, you set up links based on keywords and pay for those links to turn up as advertising on related web pages or off to the side of search engine results. If someone searches on your chosen term, your ad appears – and if they click on that ad, you pay the host an agreed amount.

Paying for keywords can be an excellent strategy to raise awareness of your website or business by using targeted placement of ads. You know the people are interested in your services or product because of the search terms they’re using or the website they’re visiting. This increases the chances that your advertising will be effective, as you’re avoiding a general audience in favor of people who have demonstrated interest to some degree.

However, paying for keywords requires a sound strategy and clear understanding of the inner workings of the Internet, marketing and search engines. Otherwise, you’re just throwing a dart at a target and hoping it makes something happen. Paying for keywords and pay per click advertising can be effective, however, when combined with experience.


Obviously, you want your key words to show-up on major engines, such as Google. In order to show up on the first page of prominent search engines requires professional assistance to work on optimizing your web pages so the web pages naturally and organically continually show-up on the first page of major search engines. Simply put, you need help to be placed on, and then stay on the first page of the search engine you choose (typically Google).

It’s our Web Team Management’s professional approach treat each client as an individual project with individual needs. It is a careful analysis of your existing web presence and it requires our knowledge of how the major search engines work.

Listen to us, and save your advertising budget for other channels and let us help you show up in the first group of search results naturally, resulting in a stronger and more visible online presence for your company in general and your products or services specifically. We know how to help you achieve the edge you so desperately need. As a matter of fact, we have it down to a science.