How do businesses thrive in competitive markets like New York City? It’s a good question, one not so easily answered. But a few hints suggest that SEO — especially local SEO — is instrumental for NYC businesses to stand out from the crowd. As a web design and SEO service agency based in NYC, we at Web Team Management have noticed how local SEO works wonders for businesses in the Greater New York City area. Such news should be no surprise, since NYC is a highly connected city and its population, always busy, always seeks new ways to be productive and efficient. Adapting the Keyword List for Local Searches

Google’s data shows that 46% of all Google searches have a local purpose. For example, New York City businesses in search of a marketing agency will often be looking at its options in NYC for proximity reasons. Even though marketing services can be delivered from across the country and even the world, proximity is always a reassuring factor in business. Hence, we need to be approaching SEO strategy from the standpoint of local SEO. Trying to speak to everyone, as the old cliche goes, often results in talking to no one. That’s where marketing agencies like Web Team Management can help. Search engine optimization is an intricate science, and figuring out accurately which keywords will generate the best ROI proves a tricky endeavor — even to savvy marketers. In a nutshell, though, businesses need to focus their keyword list on their areas of operation. For example, a marketing agency with offices in New York City and Boston will want to focus on keywords such as “marketing agency in NYC” and “marketing agency in Boston.” While it could very well bet on broader keywords such as “marketing agency,” this may not be the most productive strategy. More general keywords are generally more competitive and take more time to rank for. Plus, as mentioned before, users often tailor their search entries to their geographical location. Unless you are an online marketing guru like Neil Patel, who has a large global audience, you don’t need to rank on Google’s first page for “digital marketing.” You’ll have eroded your time and financial resources before you can see any meaningful results. Optimizing the Website for Local SERPs

Google’s search page has grown increasingly cluttered over the years. In addition to search results, you see see a plethora of other information boxes. A quick search for “digital marketing” suffices to demonstrate what I’m talking about. At the top of the page, you see advertisements; on the left side, you see a window with a definition, book suggestions, and related searches; in the middle, you see featured snippets, the “people also ask for” section; and if you scroll down, you see see videos, business industries, and creative hobbies. Creative hobbies, really? All of this goes to show that the amount of information provided by Google is never ending — and in all likelihood it is overkill. Picture yourself in your target client’s shoes: where do you even look at? Where is the information you actually came to Google for? Fortunately, there a silver lining on Google’s search page — and I name the local search engine results page (SERP). Google’s SERP is everyone’s friendly business locator neighbor. It has become the go-to place for people looking for businesses and professional services locally — whether it be for a mechanic, a hairdresser, a marketing agency, or even a florist. The local SERP is large, visible, and generally shows up in the middle of the Google search page, if not at the top. It’s a business’s best bet for local lead generation. The cost-benefit of investing to be featured in the local SERP is significant and should not be overlooked. We at Web Team Management get a lot of our traction because we rank on Google’s first page for “marketing services NYC and are featured on the local SERP. We work with many lawyers and other locally marketed service professionals; it makes sense for us — as it does for you — to be locally visible for those who want to be locally visible. Ready to Up Your Local SEO Game?

If you operate a business in a large city like New York, chances are your local SEO game isn’t up to par — and you’re losing leads to your competitors. It doesn’t have to be the case, though. And you don’t need to waste a lot of time or money trying to figure it out. Web Team Management offers competitive rates on comprehensive SEO packages, and we work at an insane speed. What takes other agencies three months to accomplish takes us three weeks, and what takes them three weeks takes us three days. Don’t waste another day wishing for clients to come to you. Put yourself out there through local SEO. Give us a call at 212-470-0057 or request an immediate quote.

Leandre Larouche