Arificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The Most Powerful Way To Brand Your
Business Online That No One Is Talking About

How would you feel if all your online branding efforts went to waste?

…all that because customer behavior is changing.

Well, that’s exactly what’s going to happen to those who miss out on Artificial Intelligence Branding.

Google’s personal assistant, powered by voice recognition AI technology, is changing the way consumers look for businesses.

Now, here’s the problem:

The Google Assistant, like all other personal assistants, doesn’t take its data from search engines. It has its own databases and search algorithms. So, regardless of how much work you’ve put into your SEO strategy, it doesn’t matter.

The Google Assistant disregards it.

It might be tempting to ignore this problem, but here are some staggering numbers:

  • Last year’s research from ComScore showed that 50% of all searches on smartphones would be done by voice by 2020 and 30% without any screen;
  • Activate reported that more than 21 million smart speakers will be in use this year;
  • The voice recognition market is growing into a $601 billion dollar industry, according to Edison Research and NPR.
  • Thankfully, it’s not too late yet. It’s still time — and in fact now is the best time — to adopt artificial intelligence branding. AI Branding is a new and growing technology, and you can get a massive advantage by adopting it early.

    Web Team Management has developed an expertise in Artificial Intelligence Branding, which allows businesses and individuals to be early adopters in the changing branding landscape.

    Watch our explanatory videos to learn how you or your business can benefit from AI Branding:

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