What is Artificial Intelligence Branding?

What is Artificial Intelligence Branding?

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Apr 30, 2020

What is Artificial Intelligence Branding? Doesn’t this sound cutting-edge and exciting? We are Web Team Management, and we would like to help you take advantage of the type of marketing that’s going to mark the new decade while it is still early.

First thing first, what is artificial intelligence? AI often comes off as a big, juicy word surrounded by much buzz, with press coverage ranging from the hopeful to the scary. But beyond the sensational promises you might have heard, artificial intelligence permeates your daily life — and those of your potential clients. Artificial intelligence means any task requiring learning and adaptation, tasks that have been traditionally performed by human beings. It includes speech and facial recognition, language translation, and automated investing. When you use Uber, for example, you take part in different applications of artificial intelligence: fraud detection, risk assessment, matching riders and drivers, and route optimization.

Why does artificial intelligence matter right now? Well, just like the internet gave us a new way to search and to communicate, artificial intelligence is changing the way we are performing tasks. We’ve had cars for a long time, but we’re now starting to see self-driving vehicles. We’ve had surveillance systems, but none that could detect someone’s face and identify the individual. — until now. Do you have a recent iPhone? How do you unlock it? Facial recognition, you say. That’s artificial intelligence. Do you ask questions to Siri or your Google assistant? That, too, is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is everywhere, and it shapes how you perform tasks in ways you may not even realize.

So what does branding have to do with artificial intelligence? You may have heard that companies use AI algorithms to figure out buying patterns and improve their marketing and branding techniques. That’s one application of artificial intelligence to branding, but this is not what we’re talking about here. Do you remember the days before the internet? The days you had to pull out the yellow pages if you wanted to find a lawyer in your city. The internet changed that. Now you can open Google and type in “lawyer in New York City”. Easy enough, right? But we’ve come a long way since the invention of Google, and typing text in a search engine is reserved the same fate as the yellow pages. It’s starting to be left behind — and that’s because of artificial intelligence, specifically voice recognition.

Last year’s research from ComScore showed that 50% of all searches on smartphones would be done by voice by 2020 and 30% without any screen. Activate reported that more than 21 million smart speakers will be in use this year. The voice recognition market is growing into a $601 billion dollar industry, according to Edison Research and NPR. Statistics abound, but the bottom line is, people are moving along with artificial intelligence, and they perform their searches without opening Google. They ask their personal assistant, whether it be Siri, Google or Alexa. But here’s the hic: these personal assistants don’t simply pull their data from search engines. They have their own databases and search algorithms. Their independence means that search engine optimization will be split between text and personal assistants.

Now that you know what’s happening with search engine optimization, here are the two important things. The first thing is — and that’s the bad news — that your ranking on Google’s pages won’t matter as much in the future. The other thing is — and that’s where it gets interesting for you — you can be an early adopter and get ahead of your competition. This technology is still largely untapped — in fact, we’ve coined it — but we have the expertise to give your brand prime visibility on the main personal assistants.

What would you say if someone asking Google about the services you offer was led directly to you? Well, you can ask Alan M. Cass, a compensation lawyer in New York City, our first client to experiment with this type of technology. If you ask Google to call a worker’s compensation lawyer in New York City, they will immediately and directly call the offices of Alan M. Cass. Try it yourself — say hi to Alan for us.

Imagine if your potential clients asked Google about the services you offer, and Google immediately put them in touch with you. At first, we predicted that Google’s choice of whom to call was random. But, as it turns out, it’s not — and we’ve developed the expertise to make it happen not just on Google, but on Apple and Alexa too. Timing is crucial at this point, due to the adoption and the inception of this branding technology. We are at the dawn of a new era in online marketing, and early adopters will see their audacity pay off. If you want to play the long game with your online brand, then you must turn your attention to artificial intelligence branding.

We are Web Team Management, google us — and let us make your online brand resist the future. -- Leandre Larouche about.me/larouche

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